Our Disney-Themed Quarantine Curriculum

For most moms this unexpected and frightening pandemic has left us quarantined with our children for several weeks with nothing to do and needing to stay at home. I don’t know about you, but my kids thrive when on a schedule. They do really well with the structure of school and a mix of play and learning. My son Zack especially does best with advanced notice and planning, especially if he is involved in it. If I try to spring something on him sporadically he melts down. So, with that in mind I knew in order for the next 3 weeks (or more) to go as smoothly as possible, a schedule needed to happen.

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We decided to make our “curriculum” by picking a Disney movie each day (with a couple of randoms thrown in) that we could watch at the end of the night and then theming the entire day of activities before it around that movie. For each day I picked a theme based on the movie and then came up with a small learning lesson idea (I have a 4 year old so nothing too advanced or heavy), activity (craft, game, etc.), movement (lots of dance parties), books to read, and then finally the movie we will watch. We ended up with 26 different themed day options to choose from.

Image by Cristin More

Upon posting about it I had several people request that I share. I’m more than happy to do so. Anything I can do to help someone out during this crazy time. Just keep in mind my options are based on my kids. The things I know they will be most interested in and more likely to enjoy. The books we have on hand since the library probably isn’t the best idea. Crafts and activities we can do based on what we have in the house. Everything in here is easy to do and hopefully adaptable for you and your families. Swap out for your favorite books. Put in your favorite activities. Do them all or do just one. Whatever makes suits your family. Also, please forgive any typos and grammatical mistakes. This was typed up very quickly while also caring for those little crazy kiddos.

You can download our Word doc of our outline here. And you can follow along to see how we are doing each day on my Instagram @tenleyclark.






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