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All stop-motions aren't created equal. Some just have a little wiggle while others are more complicated.  If you've got an idea for one you want, we can give you a quick quote of how much that will cost. If you don't know exactly what you want then we can give you a creative brief with a few ideas with various quotes for various budgets.  See some examples here

Stop motion

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$250 per

While they are called flat lays. we want them to be anything but flat. Let us make you some scroll-stopping imagery using your product or objects that describe your service (ie. scissors and hair for a salon). 

Flat lays

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If stop-motion and flat lays had a baby this would be it. This is the perfect way to add a little motion and pizazz to static images! Not only does it help the image stand-out in the crowd, it will help beat the now video-biased algorithms!  See some examples here. 

GIF, animation, cinemagraphs