Skype or Zoom call to discuss anything you feel like I could help you with. I'll send out a questionnaire and will review your portfolio before we chat to ensure I know as much as I can about your work, your business and you so that I can best help you individually. 

My strengths are in the creative side of photography. Finding your voice, strengths and niche. Helping to come up with a concept and bring it into fruition. Planning your next steps creatively to elevate your portfolio. 

While, I've run a business for over a decade and certainly know about business, I don't consider it one of my strengths and want to make sure to be up front. Your time and money is valuable and it's important to me that I actually help if you choose to have me mentor you. 



You can find my Breakout "Personality Portraits With Style for Kids & Teens" at the Click Photo Store here

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