Without it you'll find yourself creating things that mimic other artists. While that's a fine way learn, it won't help you attract clients or stand out. 

How can I help you find your voice?

When you hone in on your own voice:

- Your work will stand out

- You will feel passionate about your work and avoid burnout

- People will think of you when they need someone who does exactly what you've shown them consistently you do

- You will build trust in prospective clients who will now know exactly what they will get when they book you

Helping you design a more exciting future. Just call me your Fairy Photogmother. 

learn how to put together your dreams shoots and portfolio with my help! 

create a brand identity that will draw in your ideal customer

Find your unique voice and make a plan on how to infuse your work with it

Get specific on what You want For your business And why

Personality Portraits with style for kids & teens 


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Creative counseling is a 90 day mentorship with me. During this time we will:

Month 1: Deep dive into finding your voice as an artist through portfolio review and homework.

Month 2: Plan 3 portfolio shoots for you to get out and photograph to add to your portfolio. These should fill any existing gaps we found Month 1 and help get you to the photographer you have always dreamed of being. You will be expected to shoot at least one of these during our time together for review. 

Month 3: Work on branding. We will review your social channels, website and other mediums to ensure your marketing presence matches your artistic voice and draws that ideal client right to you. We will review your shoot and come up with steps on how you can get even closer to your vision in future shoots. 

We will have 2 one hour zoom calls each month to review homework, chat next steps, review work and dive deeper. 

Creative counseling

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Let's work together to make sure your brand shines like it deserves to! 

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