Summer Bucket List Printable

We are big lovers of all things bucket lists over here! My son (almost 8) is a big time homebody. He’s always been difficult to get to go on adventures or just go anywhere. My daughter and I on the other hand love to explore so we needed to find a way to do that. One summer I decided to try making a bucket list and I swear it was like my Fairy Godmother. That list Bippity Boppity Boo’d that child into not just being willing to go out but being the most motivated person in the house to do all the items. I guess it works well for him because it plays into his competitive personality but it also works for my toddler daughter who insists that we are all winners at everything.

If you’re already a bucket-list-believer or are wanting to give it a try, I made a little printable for you that you can download here.

summer bucket list printable






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