2018 Fall/Holiday Minis are here!!

Minis are now open for you to book!  I’m offering significantly less minis this year and they’ve always sold out quickly so I want to make sure you all get one if you want one!
You can book here. This will allow you to choose the minis you want, choose your time. You will then fill out a quick questionnaire so I know who is coming and finish by paying your non-refundable $100 deposit.
Here’s a look at the three mini session options along with dates and times. All minis are $350 for a 20 minute spot and 10 high-resolution digital files of your choosing from your online gallery.

WHEN: September 30th 2-6pm
WHERE: Capitola Beach
NOTES: You can choose between the beautiful colorful homes as your backdrop or the neutral sand and waterfront. We might not have time for both. You will get sandy. It will be so worth it though!

October 14th 1:30-4:30pm
WHERE: Our studio in Downtown San Jose
NOTES: Our studio is upstairs with no elevator so please keep that in mind when booking if that might be an issue for any participants. This set is minimalist by design and the holiday decor is easy to remove for those who would prefer a plain white wall as their background. There will also be additional holiday themed props for those who would like to use them.

WHEN: October 21st 10am-3:30pm
WHERE: Downtown San Jose (SOFA area)
NOTES: This is in a downtown which is of course busy with cars and people, so it may not be ideal for toddlers or children who are prone to run. It will likely also require a little bit of walking. I will choose a mural, wall or setting that I think will best match what you are wearing and works for lighting at the time of your session. If you had a specific mural in mind let me know and I can try to guide you to the time I think would be best to use it. There are many more not pictured here that I could show you as well. I shoot here all of the time and know the various spots very well.
When and how will I receive my images? 
You will receive a gallery within 2 weeks of your mini session with your proofs. You will be able to mark the 10 you’d like to have for your included files as favorites. If there are no edit requests they will be sent to you within 24 hours for download.  You will also have the option to purchase more files or products if you desire using our cart function.
How many people can I include in my session? 
Each session includes up to 5 immediate family members. It is $25 per each additional person. If you plan to have extended family members come I recommend purchasing two spots to ensure enough time but you can email me with your specific situations and I can better guide you.
What should we wear? 
I will send out a little what to wear guide specific to your location as the session date approaches (but with enough time to shop of course!).
Is retouching included? 
Galleries are delivered with the images ready to go. That said, if you still have retouching requests you can make notes within your favorites section. Please note that if they are more advanced requests that there may be an additional fee. You will of course be notified of this before anything is done and given the option to go through with it or not.
What if we are late or need to cancel? 
Life happens and getting out of the house with kids is tough. I get it, trust me. It’s important though to do your best to be on time for these mini sessions. If you are more than 10 minutes late I will not be able to photograph you at your timeslot and give you the full 20 minutes. I may be able to squeeze you in at the end of the day depending on the light but cannot promise this so please be sure to be on time for your appointment. If you need to cancel please let me know asap. If I am able to fill your spot with another person I am happy to refund you your deposit. It is non-refundable otherwise.
What if it looks like rain? 
I watch the weather like a hawk during Fall because of our busy schedule and will keep tabs on this. More than likely it will change and end up not raining (welcome to California!) but if it doesn’t we will have the option to possibly move them to the studio or cancel. If they are canceled by me for any reason your deposit be refunded.
What if my child cries the whole time/ is uncooperative? 
I photograph about 85+ mini sessions a year and have been doing them for the past 7 years and I have never not gotten a kid to smile at least once. Kids will be kids and I in no way expect your child to show up and be all Stepford child and perfectly behaved. I have a lot of tricks and games up my sleeve and will just keep trying things until I find what’s right for your child. Filling out the questionnaire will help me get to know more about your kid to help speed this process. The most important thing though is that YOU come with the right mindset. I need BOTH parents to come ready to play, smile and roll with the punches. Staying positive yourselves is key to a successful shoot.
I don’t like any of the location options/none of these days work for me, will you be adding other days? 
It’s possible but with how busy our schedule already looks for the season it would be hard to squeeze in. If I do have enough interest/requests for a specific location or type of location I am happy to see what I can do. I’ve already had some questions about the Christmas Tree Farm, which I would love to do, but so far have not had any luck finding one that will work. And I’ve tried the past three years. Can’t a girl get a call back!?
Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you have whatsoever. I hope to see your beautiful families this fall!






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