about me

+I graduated with my BA in photography in 2008 .
+Being a mom is my biggest dream come true.
+If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be cheeseburgers and fries
+My coffee mug might as well be glued to my hand. 

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my Philosophy

Photography is the memory of our lives. I feel like that reads a little bit like the "Days of Our Lives" intro but it's so true. We swear we will remember how it felt to snuggle them as their bodies still fit perfectly in our nook or that expression they made when they were grumpy that gave us the giggles. And you might. But it also might fade as you make room in your brain for new memories. And even if it doesn't fade, your child won't remember. You see, photographs aren't just for you. They are also for them. They will show your little one what their childhood looked like.

 How much they were loved. The endless laughter. The imagination. It's because of this that I take a lifestyle approach to photography. Sure a picture of you all smiling at the camera without a hair out of place is nice, but it says nothing about who you were. I promise you it's the in-between moments that will matter far more when your kids are packing up their bags for college. That's what I want to capture for you so one day you can look at these images and feel all those feels all over again. 

"Those who don't
believe in magic
will never find it." 
-ROAld Dahl

My favorite things

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My Family

My everything. End of story. 


As far as I'm concerned, life should be more like a musical so I treat it as such.

Arts & crafts

Happiness is just one colorful mess away.

Circus & Carnivals

Makes my eyeballs, tummy and heart so happy.  


My happy place, comfort zone, and sleep medicine all wrapped up in one purple apartment

Coffee & JUnk food

I told my husband, instead of flowers just get me Taco Bell from now on. 

Disney & Fairytales

My first love and forever muse.

Color & Kids

If you ever see me at a party, I will undoubtedly be at the kid's table playing.


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