39 weeks & mustard fields.

Week 38 of our weekly pregnancy pictures in the mustard fields. #maternity #babybump #pregnancy

We are 39 weeks today and are officially full term! This little one has kept us on our toes for so long, we definitely didn’t expect to be able to keep her in there until now. I’m so grateful that we have. Each day she’s in there and able to get stronger is a blessing. It’s so strange to shift gears from trying so hard to keep her in there to now being so ready for her to come. With Zachary I was fine if he stayed in there as long as he wanted but with this little one I’m feeling the itch (literally and figuratively- dang rash!) like most pregnant women do to have her come now. I can’t wait to meet her!

Oh and I had wanted to get pictures in the mustard fields the whole pregnancy. I waited I finally had the chance the other day and of course everything seemed to go wrong while we were there and I walked away with about 5 shots in focus that weren’t exactly what I wanted. Oh well. At least I have one I can put in her book which is all that matters. <3






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